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MVP development — the perfect solution to test an idea. Do you have a new super idea that you think will blow up the market? Then the right thing to do is to test your idea under real-world combat conditions, and make an mvp.

What are the features of mvp and how to approach its development correctly?

  1. The product must have a minimum viable functionality – ideally one specific function
  2. Product development time should range from a few ideas to a few months, speed is important – because the sooner you test the product on live customers – the sooner you get results.
  3. The product should not be encumbered/overloaded with complex design and functionality
  4. The product must be cross-platform and allow its use both from cell phones and computers
  5. The product should have a flexible technical base in order to be able to promptly make any changes.

We at IT Vision know how to achieve successful results! Our team has developed over 100 MVP projects from 0. In our solution we provide:

A small dedicated development team for your business
Advanced technical
Out-of-the-box solution
kits to accelerate timelines and optimize costs

Our solution is great for early-stage startups that have an interesting idea, need a technical background, and have limited time and budget to develop.

Serial entrepreneurs

You’re not launching your first product and you know exactly what you want to get out of it

For ambitious startups

You are young and ambitious, you have a super idea that will tear up the world, welcome to us)

Large and medium-sized businesses

You have an idea for a new product but don’t want to spend your own team’s resources to develop it

Not technical funder

Quality development with minimal investment

Recent works

Among the advantages of our development:

Dedicated team for your business. Marketers, product managers, projet managers, ux-ui designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, qa specialists.

Quick startup and quick exit to PIvot. We will develop a finished product in a few months and give you the opportunity to test it in the field.

Lean Production. We are committed to a lean approach to production and make the most efficient use of resources.

Financial & time transparency. We estimate the project even before the start of work, our budgets and deadlines do not change!

Weekly extended reports. We work on Agile and Scrum. We provide reports on the execution of each weekly sprint.

In-depth expertise. We have extensive experience proizvodstva and management of their own products, on this clearly know what we’re talking about!

How do we do it for you?

Discovery Phase

We pay great attention to the pre-project study of your business, its strengths, objectives, goals and needs. Learn more about our method.

Super cool WOW UX/UI

Our designers have decades of experience in various niches, have cutting-edge trends and deep analytical ux skills.


We have a set of the most advanced technologies in mobile and dextop development, our goal is to create a platform that is resistant to high loads and scalability.

Strategy of release into the market

After development, we will provide and help make a grammatic release to test the product in the real world!


Solid MVP

Startup Site

UI Design KIT


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