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Innovative startup for quality evaluation and repair of electronic equipment.

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Gadget Medics has a widespread network of mobile device repairs in the United States.

It needed to develop a cool new website to accept online orders for repair estimates and gadget repairs.


We developed a new corporate identity, a new logo, and then on the basis of that we developed a convenient and easy website to assess the repair and order the repair of your device.


Main page

Main page. Scrolling

One of the conveniences of the new site is the division of the line of devices into dextopnye and mobile, easy and convenient selection of your device type and brand manufacturer. We have developed the simplest and easiest design possible.

Inner pages
Categories of devices
Mobile main page
Device page. Mobile


Different devices and their background colors

Each device has its own page, which helps to raise the site in search results. The background colour is constantly adapting to the dominant colour of the device, which ensures a recognisable and friendly style.

Device pages with their unique colors
Samsung phones page
Samsung. Mobile

Builder page

Our master

Repair calculator based on the parameters of your device. Repair calculator based on the parameters of your device

PC builder page
Payment for services



Despite the wide range of colors, red remains the main colour, because of its proximity to medicine. We also developed a large number of geometric icons and illustrations.

PC builder page
Payment for services


2 000+ customers from scratch.

Over 5,000 repairs between 2022 and 2023

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