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Email locator with Accurate B2B contact and company data for sales teams, business developers, recruiters, and marketers. Find valid emails of your ideal customers by job title, location, industry, company size, and other filters.

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GetProspect is used by more than 100,000 marketers from different countries.

The company approached us to develop a new digital brand and to design a new and more user-friendly UX/UI design for their lead nurturing platform.


We developed a new digital brand for the company, which was based on the idea of an all-seeing owl, which sees all the information and unites the company name g and p – get the prospect.

Then we designed and developed a new website for the company, and a new design of the platform and personal account.



Main page. Scrolling

GetProspect could search for the email addresses of certain people in case you know their names and the companies, where they work. All you need to do is paste the information in the field “Name” and “Domain”. In a second you could get a real valid email address if it exists.

Blog and articles
Products. Cold emailing software

Web application

Email client, search and timeline

In a couple of minutes collect the substantial base of business email addresses. Upload the information about your prospects you have and enrich it with real e-mail addresses.
Devote your time to writing convincing texts instead of wasting time in the search for relevant contacts.

CRM activity
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More than 80 000 real customers.

Over 10000+ companies worldwide trusted Getprospect lead generation software.

Platform customers companies – Captera, Microsoft, G2 Marketing, Etc.

Users were happy with It Vision’s cleaner design.

Dmytro Shulga, CEO, GetProspect

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